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We collect patches and stories…

I once read that “the best stories are found between the pages of a passport, and I totally agree with this. This blog seeks to encourage the passion of traveling, of getting to know new cultures and new people, of trying new things.

Patching the World started as a way to keep track of our trips, but after some time, we came up with the idea of sharing these experiences and tips with all of you. The goal of this blog is to guide you and help you through the organization of your travels, and prove to you that you can enjoy a city and its greatness with a moderated budget! You just have to plan accordingly and know the right places to go. Our trips are what we call luxurious backpacking.” We love a good deal, but we also like to enjoy the city and to get to know it!

I want you to learn about us and to be part of our journey, and for us to be a part of yours. I love writing about my adventures, but I also enjoy reading about great ones others have experienced. Help us improve our trips by sharing your advice and your experiences during traveling.

For us at PTW, this is not only our second job, but also our opportunity to share stories about our favorite hobby, as well as the funnest and most incredible experiences of our lives.
We are new in the blogging world, but we have the passion and know how to have fun! Hope you come along with us through this journey of growing, learning and traveling.

Our objective is to create a great place where you can read about our trips, and where you can find the motivation and the excitement to pack your bags and start choosing your next destination. 

So welcome to Patching the World! We are excited to share our adventures and to hear about yours!